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Media Squire Members have the opportunity to earn through their NFT membership utilities related to online TV channels, BLENDED TV and BeTuned TV!

Level 1


Take your NFT investment to the next level ...
Let your NFT utility help you earn residual income!


About the online TV channels:

The niche community has the privilege of watching content germane to their similar interests; community channels  BLENDED TV and/or BeTuned TV are both curated channels with original programming speckled throughout the channel at specified times.  These channels took several years to build and compile relevant content.


Each channel runs 24/7, and has a TV schedule with a description for video content that is broadcasting.


BLENDED TV focuses on climate change; self-help, DIY, earth-dwelling projects; environmental justice; urban farming ideas and more relative topics.  This channel has been in existence since 2017.


BeTuned TV focuses on all metaphysical and esoteric topics such as: near death experiences, UFOs and aliens, meditation practices, ancient knowledge or texts, shamans and spiritual healers, time travel, humans with super powers, and other relative, extra-ordinary topics that are often out of this physical world.  This channel has been in existence since 2017.

NFT Membership Utilities Potential Earnings

Owners of any of the above online TV NFTs can use their membership utility benefits to earn profit from their endeavors; this is a great option for individuals who are entrepreneurial and/or have a strong following on social media or via email.

Each owner under this utility is given his/her/they own affiliate URL link for the online TV channel's prescribed promo services that can be offered to people or businesses online and offline; TV proprietors can forward the URL link via text, email and/or social media. 


Also, Media Squire Members can use their NFT as a sales tool because it explains the services of the channel for businesses and what programming the channel has to offer for viewers.

Upon membership utility sign-up, here are the potential commission revenues one can earn through sharing the promo offers of the prescribed TV channel services:

The Enterprise Level 1:   Proprietors earn 63% of net promo revenues after 5% transaction and admin fees.

The Corporation Level 2:   Proprietors earn 50% of net promo revenues after 5% transaction and admin fees.

The Small Business Level 3:   Proprietors earn 40% of net promo revenues after 5% transaction and admin fees.

These commission are paid out monthly via PayPal per qualified transaction; qualified payouts are made between the 6-10 of each month.

Current Available Promo Services:

BLENDED TV and BeTuned TV promo services for individuals and businesses include: (prices subject to change.)

  •           15 Sec. Spot (specific) - $199.00

  •           Any-time 30 Sec. Spot - $169.00

  •           Any-time 15 Sec. Spot - $99.00

  •           9 Sec. Promo Flash - $60.00

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