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Inner HeroTools

Using real-life quantum magic


 Becoming an empowered Super Human means one is always learning something new or different that is oftentimes beyond one's daily conscious understanding of life:  Building the spiritual muscles brings one back to his-her Super Being countenance. 


Be able to change or rid yourself of energy misplacement such as resistances, emotional blockages, and corrupted unconscious mind programming.  Bring forth your Divine Power.

The metaphysical tools given at are meant to also enhance the mind and body's senses which have always been there, it just may need to be revealed to the person on the spiritual journey. 


Practical, non-religious, useful exercises allow one to explore the dynamics of his/her emotions and how much control they have over his/her life.  From powerful guided meditations to transformative mind realizations, the person on the quest is able to take it with him/her on the go, since the structured daily exercises to perform in the middle of the day are from 90 seconds to 18 minutes long.

These tools, considered quantum magic, have enhanced many journeys, empowering individuals to become Super Beings in human form; some have found along the way that they develop super human powers--it is time to be your own real-life super hero.

As a way of connecting consciousnesses with community investment, The MyHeroTools community has an NFT program for exclusive MyHeroTools members who can choose to gain on a spiritual level and financial level without guilt, but with confidence and assurance that one's investment is benefiting the highest good of all involved. 


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